The mission of our company is the production of boats that meet the modern technological and visual standards. Due to the growing interest in the apartments on water, we have created the project Houseboat for further development. The set consists of aluminium hulls (pontoons) with a framework and beading, partition walls, floor, roof, and window openings.
The whole is designed in such a way that it can be transported without using special means of transport.

Our hulls (pontoons) are made of sea-proof light aluminium alloys. They consist of welded 1.5 m modules, which make watertight, unsinkable chambers with deaeration. For example, our catamaran is 15 metres long and has 20 watertight chambers, which ensure the safety of the users. The growing demand has made us design a few cross-sections of floats with various uses and with various displacements. The construction was appreciated in many European and Scandinavian countries. Aluminium is extraordinarily strong and durable in comparison to laminated hulls (pontoons), and the potential costs of repair are low.

The walls and the roof are made of several layers of highly durable and strong materials glued together. It allows us to assemble the boat easily and quickly, without an additional frame structure. In our company we can produce such elements measuring 3 x 14 metres. This solution, which has not been used on boats so far, has enabled us to significantly decrease the mass of the boat and retain its extraordinary strength and durability at the same time. The use of this type of walls guarantees excellent thermal insulation, which is particularly important with apartments or floating offices, which are so popular in Europe.

As drive units on our catamarans we use small outboard engines made by Yamaha and Mercury. Only those manufacturers produce them as pull engines (totally different position of the transmission) with a much larger propeller ensuring an excellent reverse thrust and much better efficiency compared to traditional engines.

Due to the growing interest in electrical drive systems, we have established cooperation with a representative of the company Torqeedo, which produces high-quality compact outboard motors. Among the projects we have carried out you can find boats with electric motors, also with solar charging.