Waterbus 1300

Waterbus 1300

Product description

 This is a very comfortable boat that has a large displacement included with an upper deck. This vessel has been designed for commercial use by institutional customers, such as tour guides, municipalities, hotels, or boarding houses. Passengers can use three decks, there is a bar including storage area, a bathroom with a marine toilet, and comfortable upholstered sofas with their own tables. This small ship can sail 8 months a year thanks to the innovative construction of its walls and sash and fixed windows, which ensure perfect thermal insulation. Based on this model you can build a comfortable houseboat with two bedrooms and a large galley. This model is offered at any stage of its construction. By choosing extras and finish materials we can fulfill the expectations of even the most demanding customers.



Total length with engine:
12,70 m

Total length of the hull:
12,30 m

Maximum breadth:
3,00 - 3,06 m

Hull draught:
0,45 m

Approximate empty weight:
3400 - 3700 kg

Height above CWL:
2,40 - 3,01 m

Total height:
2,80 - 3,41 m

Number of passengers:
12 + 2 persons (crew)

Outboard engine:
25 - 60 HP

Fuel tank:
108 l

Water tank:
75 l

Design category:

The boat is available with an upper terrace for 6 people.


- The hull – comprises of 2 floats each812 mm in widthmade of 3mm sheet thick grade 5754 (PA-11)aluminum. Each float is divided into 8 airtight, unsinkable chambers.  In every float there is an airtight collision zone.The load-bearing frame of the deck is made of profile sheet metal in the same grade with a slanting undercut in the bow.-   Passenger cabin – the walls and roof are made as a rigid self-supporting constructionmade with sandwich panels. The walls are 64mm thick and the roof 67mm. made of sandwich panels, polystyrene foam encased on both sides with strong plastic laminate. There are two means of entrance and exit a Plexiglas front door and a glass door at the stern.On either sideof the frontare two fixed corner windows. Onthe right and left sides of the cabin four glass sliding window’s each side.-   The deck is made of waterproof plywood (15 mmthick), covered with non-slip laminate with Teak imitation, and from the bottom with a finishing laminate.-   The railings (1m high) are made of stainless steel.-   Interior heating – 3KWpowerheating device, fueled by a diesel engine,providing full travel comfort even at very low temperatures. The heat is distributed through the ducts below the deck: behind the toilet bar, at the helmsman's station and two in the passenger cabin.

- Steering wheel - diameter 350 mm, made of stainless steel, finished with wood.

- Passenger seats:With an aluminum basethe fabric bench seatsare covered with amodern leather-look alikematerial, together with tables with a wood-finish top.

- Cabinlayout: The helm is situated on the frontleft-hand side. There is a bar together with storage facilities as well as all the seating and tables. In the stern section is a bathroom and toilet as well as a technical room.

- Live-saving equipment – 14 life jackets (including 3 for children) placed under the passenger seats. Enough fire extinguishers, blankets, gloves etc. according to the specific waterway regulations.

- Boarding is by the bow provided with the door (0,8m width) on the right and left side.

- Water tank holds not less than 75 liters, feeding the sink located in the toilet and sink behind the bar. The tank is equipped with liquid levelindicator, placed in the steering console.

- Feces tank holds not less than 100 liters, equipped with an indicator and valve for emptying the tank from the shore.

- Interior lighting is entirely with LEDlamps. Above every table and above the bar lights areactivated by separate switches.

- Exterior navigation lights in the bowin accordance with applicable regulations. On the sides (under the roof) RGB LED lighting in the aluminum channels 2x5m. On the stern a white top lamp and back terracelighting.

- System Audio -(available for passengers) radio with 4 speakers installed in the ceiling with USB connector.

- Mooring equipment – in the bow a galvanized anchor of 20 kg. Mooring ropes, 8 fenders, boat hook, quant. The rest of the small details specified in the navigability certificate.

- Upper terrace is equippedwith laminate boards(0,45mheight), and a stainless railing up to 1m in height. The entrance to the upper terrace is provided byan accessible, aluminum spindle ladder. Maximum number of passengers on the upper terrace – 8 people.

- Power. The energy is provided by the 65 Ah start-up battery + 2 service batteries(200Ah). All batteries are monitored with indicators located on the steering console. Energy supply is ensured by a charger and a port connection socket.

- Stainless 6 steel cleats 250mm, 2 lifebuoys, awide fender strip in white color.

- In the stern section – flagstaff to the flag 600 mm

- Two fabric seats on the open rail of the rear terrace

- The boat is made in accordance with the applicable standards, equipped with a CE certificate with design category "D" or a certificate of navigability.


- Outboard engine 60HP

- Hydraulic steering system

- Upper Terrace

- Bar + support area

- Toilet + sink

- Windows and door - Glass + aluminum or material  

- Service battery 400 Ah +indicator  

- Fuel tank 104L

- Clean water tank 75L

- Black water tank 75L

- LED interior lighting  

- Outdoor LED lighting (RGB)

- 230V installation with port charger aluminum base

- Radio + speakers  

- Electric bow searchlight

- Interior heating 3 KW



Additional outboard engine 60HP (accessories+ mounting on two engine)

€ 9.000

Bow thruster 3KW

€ 2.900

Bimini for roof of the upper terrace

€    700

1500W power converter

€    250

Hulls made of sheets 5083

€    850

Hulls made of 4 mm sheets

€ 1.150

Fridge 60 litres gas, 12V, 230V

€ 1.100

Anchoring and mooring equipment

€    700

Rescue equipment

€    700

Fireextinguishing equipment

€    160

Aluminum closed lockersabove passengers' heads

€ 1.700





Waterbus 1300
Waterbus 1300


Waterbus 1300
Waterbus 1300
Waterbus 1300
Waterbus 1300
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