Waterbus 900

Waterbus 900

Product description

A boat that is longer and wider than the 700. It can transport 12 passengers, even more comfortably. On board it is possible to change the arrangement of the seats. There are several modules, which enables you to turn your own vision of the boat into reality. The widened hull provides even better longitudinal and traverse stability of the boat, which in turn increases the feeling of safety among the passengers, especially those who do not like swinging. This boat is a particularly good choice for individual customers, because its floor space allows you to organise longer cruises with your family and friends. This and the smaller model can be bought at any stage of its development.



Total length with engine:
8,10 m

Total length of the hull:
7,80 m

Maximum breadth:
2,70 m

Hull draught:
0,35 m

Approximate empty weight:
1350 kg

Height above CWL:
2,35 m

Total height:
2,70 m

Number of passengers:

Outboard engine:
9,9 - 25 HP

Fuel tank:
42 l

Water tank:

Design category:



The hulls and frame are made of aluminum sheet 3mm thick grade 5083 resistantto sea conditions.
The outboard engine is installed centrally, controlled by a hydraulic steering system.
The exterior frame of the boat is secured with a plastic fender strip with a cross-section of 50x30mm. 
The deck made of sandwich panels covers laminate with an imitation Teak finish. The deck is equipped with 4 250mm stainless steel cleats. Side boards, rear and the roof are made of sandwich panels with a thickness of 64mm covered both sides with a polyester-glass laminate both in a white color. Front corners are made of laminate and Plexiglas in the upper part. Seat bases as well as the wheelhouse are also made of polyester laminate. Two-colored upholstery made of materials selected by the client including an embroidered logo of his company are included. The helmsman's seat is adjustable in 3 different positions made in the same color of the rest of the seats. The wheelhouse is equipped with a USB radio, control indicators, switches, wooden steering wheel, and a small washbasin with a tinted lid.



- Outboard engine 25HP

- Mechanical steering system

- Windows and door  - plastic material  

- Service battery - 200 Ah +indicator  

- Fuel tank 42L

- LED interior lighting  

- Radio + speakers



Outboard engine 40 HP

1.000 € 

2 KW diesel stationary heating

250 €

1500W power converter

250 €

Outdoor RGB LED lighting

200 €

Port charger and 230V installation

650 €

Larger fuel tank 104L

180 €

Hulls made of sheets 5083

500 €

Hulls made of 4 mm sheets

420 €

Extinguishing equipment

130 €

Rescue equipment

625 €

Anchoring and mooring equipment

550 €

Bow thruster 1.5KW

2.100 €



Waterbus 900
Waterbus 900
Waterbus 900
Waterbus 900


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