Houseboat Cube Mini

Houseboat Cube Mini

Product description



A houseboat built mainly for the needs of charter companies. Dedicated for customers with little experience in swimming. Light weight, low maintenance, small dimensions and low price are the main features of this boat. Excellent thermal insulation thanks to the use of sandwich panels with a polystyrene foam filling.The catamaran has a full-sized shower cabin and a large-size caboose.In this compact building there are a lot of drawers and lockers which will place any amount of equipment necessary for a few days stay.




Length 6500mm
Width 3000mm
Overall height 3.257mm or 3.773 mm
Height from the water level 2.900 mm or 3.416 mm
Weight (aprox) 2800kg
Maximum number of passengers 8
Number of berths 3 or 4
Maximum boat engines power 25 HP
Category CE D




  • Hydraulic control of the outboard engine
  • The helmsman's aluminum stand
  • Indicators – water,fuel,faecal andbattery charge status
  • Aluminum window frames and doors
  • Navigation lighting
  • LED interior lighting
  • 4-step water ladder
  • Fold-out table mounted in the bathroom wall
  • Sleeping on the lower deck for 2-4 people
  • Two-burner gas cooker with a sink and lid
  • 230V port connection with charger
  • Radio with USB + two speakers
  • Shower cabin 70x70
  • 19 Liters Cleaning Toilet
  • Sink
  • Gas heating of air and water with a power of 4KW
  • Railings made of stainless steel profiles of the lower deck
  • Low railings of the upper deck
  • Aluminum ladder to enter the upper terrace
  • Furniture made entirely of 16 and 9 mm plywood,varnished on both sides
  • Side windows equipped with blinds and mosquito nets
  • Entrance doors equipped with blinds
  • Gray water tank 250 liters with indicator
  • Clean water tank 250 liters with indicator
  • Fuel tank 60 liters with indicator
  • Two aluminum lockers on the back terrace
  • Sliding doors of the front terrace
  • 220Ah service battery with Voltmeter
  • Engine Battery 75 Ah
  • Gas bottle 6kg + gas detector
  • Pressure water pump
  • 4 stainless steel cleats 250 mm



Fixed, swivel helmsman's chair

350 €

Transparent covers of the front terrace

950 €

Fridge 60 liter powered 230V, 12V, gas

800 €

Fridge 80 liter powered 230V, 12V, gas

900 €

Bow thruster 2.2 KW 140mm

2.250 €

Outside LED lighting

180 €

Outboard engine 9,9 HP


Outboard engine 25 HP

5.500 €

Outboard engine 40 HP

6.300 €

Torquedo 40 TL electric drive, 4x 240 WAT photovoltaic cells,
4x 220 AH batteries, port charger

8.000 €

Two Engines Torquedo 4.0 TL 8xExige batteries gel, charger, wires, shifter

12.300 €

Two Engines Torquedo 4.0 TL 4x Power LiOn batteries, charger, wires, shifter

19.000 €

KURSKIPER – Aluminum tunnel mounted on the cavitation plate of the
engine assisting maneuvering

250 €

Upper utility terrace with Teak imitation and high rail

3.000 €

Additional fold-out upper bedroom for 2 people with a mattress

1.850 €

Painting the hull with anti-fouling paint

900 €

Painting the hull with anti-fouling paint Mini Max 3.5m

1.100 €

Electric toilet with macerator

400 €

Inverter 1500 Watt

900 €

Slip trolley Mini Cube

2.000 €

Additional stern bathing terrace

600 €

Isolated black water tank 80l

450 €

4 folded chairs  

120 €

Portable gasoline generator 1.5 KW

700 €

Anchoring and mooring equipment (2 mooring lines, 10kg anchor with
a 25-meter rope, handlebars, oars, 4 fenders)

250 €

Rescue and firefighting equipment (8 life jackets, lifebuoy, 2kg extinguisher,
fire blanket)

350 €

* all prices are net


Houseboat Cube Mini
Houseboat Cube Mini
Houseboat Cube Mini
Houseboat Cube Mini


Houseboat Cube Mini
Houseboat Cube Mini
Houseboat Cube Mini
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